Who doesn't love a compliment?

This is my last post until by blog design is complete. I'm a HUGE fan of classroom management ideas and implementing them into my classroom. My principal told me that one of the reasons she hired me eight years ago was because of a question she asked and how I responded. "How do you feel about sending a student to the principals office? My response was, "I don't believe in sending students to the principals office. I feel once you send a student to the principals office you've lost the battle. That child is going to immediately lose respect for you and feel you can't handle them. I don't believe it's the principals job to take care of my discipline issues. I do believe if a student is throwing chairs, hurting themselves, or others then yes they should, but for minor issues absolutely not." I must say classroom management is one of my strongest skills as an educator. I found the cutest idea on Pinterest and it looked like this.

Every time my firsties receive a compliment we have a "one second party" and someone chooses a popsicle stick from the number can without looking. They find that number on our 120 chart and color it in. Once we get 10 numbers horizontally or 12 numbers vertically we have a party. Now I compliment my kiddos regularly so I told them that they can't color in a number when I compliment them. (They would have a party once a week if that was the case) They have to earn them from people who either come into our room or when were outside our room. They can receive a compliment from anyone. Now if of our principal's give them one then we color in 5 numbers. Oh boy, they get so excited about this.

This will be my last post until my official blog design is complete. I'm so excited for when Christi sends me that final email saying it's finished!! I feel like a kid in a candy store when she sends me an email explaining details, choices, etc. If your looking for someone to design your blog check her out http://designbychristi.blogspot.com when I saw her site I fell in love. Until then my fabulous teachers keep being fabulous.


  1. So when will you be teaching in my neck of the woods? LOL There are many great teachers, but not all of them are willing to think this way. There are a lot of special needs kids out there who end up repeatedly going to the office, and in the process, end up losing valuable instruction time.. not to mention, the respect they may have had for their teacher. (Seeing how you put it, this makes a lot of sense!) I ended up taking my 3rd grader out of school to finish the year up at home, and it's really opened my eyes to some things. Blogs like yours really give me hope that there are truly special educators out there willing to make a difference in a child's life!

    1. Oh my word! You just filled my bucket! =) Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes you are right there are truly some special educators out there willing to make a difference in a child's life. Thank you for pacing me in that category. =) Best wishes to you and your precious 3rd grader.

  2. This is a really cute idea! This may help my kinders learn their numbers to 100.

  3. I love this idea! I was just saying I needed something new to motivate my kiddos and I think this sounds like the one! Thank you for sharing, I will be creating a 0-120 chart ready for coloring on Monday! (And thank heavens I have thousands of craft sticks!)