Welcome to The Club

I thought I would share a little bit about how I motivate my students. This particular one I created last year and it worked so well that I decided to continue with it this year. This particular management system is called the "Firstie" Clubs. My students simply love this. I have the following clubs; color, handwriting, glue, lunch and scissors. I explain to my little rock stars that they have an opportunity to join each and every club in our classroom. I inform them that these clubs are hard to get into and that they must really earn their membership. For example, to become a member of the "Color Club" you must have five star coloring on a regular basis. The same for the scissor, glue, and handwriting. It also encourages students to perform at their best, because they LOVE seeing their name posted on the board. We decided as a class family to add the lunch club. These members have EXCELLENT behavior in the cafeteria. (Not sure if your cafeteria is like ours, but it can be quite noisy at times). I snapped a photo below so you could see what this looks like.

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